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NORDIK XII [no title] in Copenhagen October 25–27 2018

Dear NORDIK friends,

Please note that all information about the upcoming NORDIK XII [no title] conference that will be held in Copenhagen from October 25–27 2018 is available at the conference wwebsite:

There you have all information about the venue, registration, and accommodation.

There you will also have access to the fabulous program for the conference.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Autumn in Copenhagen!

The NORDIK board.


  • Probably, you have already wondered why college education is important. Moreover, we bet that you thought about choosing a specialty more than once. We'll help you: here are three reasons why you should apply for art history:
  • friends and family call you a creative person.
  • you watch good films or take a long look at pictures in the gallery.
  • you will fall in love with aesthetics by studying world art.
  1. For inspiration. In the classroom, we not only study the main trends in art and consider reproductions but also learn about the life of artists. We are inspired by their creativity and life examples because great masters also made mistakes and failed on their way.
  2. To broaden your horizons. In class, we don't just look at pictures. We learn to read works of art to understand why the artist uses a certain composition and color scheme. This knowledge will help in further creativity.
  3. For the development of artistic taste. It doesn't matter if the student becomes an artist, engineer, programmer, or ballet dancer. You need to study art history in order to understand what you really like.

The art history association is sure that art is essential to keep society afloat. People have always tried to express themselves, and on the other hand, to contemplate beauty. Now, when almost all processes are automated, and even robots receive citizenship, works of art are still relevant. The global art market is constantly evolving.

Do the statistics confirm this? Over the past 15 years, sales of masterpieces have grown 14 times. This is due to the dominance of the Internet and, as a result, easier access to works of art. Now 90% of connoisseurs of beauty buy art objects via the Internet.

That's what Nordic sides with. Today the Internet greatly simplifies the college education process. Now teachers don't have to pay extra attention to those students who can't cover all the academic tasks. This means that more and more young lovers of art who aren't talented in essay writing can enroll in art history faculties.

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No matter what you do in life, well-developed critical thinking will come in handy. Studying the art history of art is not just memorizing dates, styles, and names of artists. This is also a huge space for the analysis of works; you train not only memory as the ability to notice little things, but also evaluate the general and make your own judgment. Having your own opinion and the ability to see seemingly insignificant details helps you create great projects. If you need to write an essay on the topic of art history and it doesn’t work out for you, contact the Essay Keeper Essay Helper for assistance.

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Museums have risen. Now they are not associated with the artist's house, where guides use memorized text to tell about their first love and attempts at writing. Museums have become a powerful center for the development of contemporary art, where artists showcase their work, challenge the viewer to dialogue, and become part of the space.

Every year around 700 new museums appear in the world. That is why they are called the economic reality of the 21st century. In order to understand which works of art, it is better to invest in and which exhibitions society needs, it is necessary to study the history of artistic culture.

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