Henrik Holm

Henrik Holm
Henrik Ole Holm (Denmark), Ph.D. in Art
Ph.D. in Art History, Curator of the Royal Cast Collection, Senior Researcher at Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen.
Henrik Holm’s  research area at the museum is the creation of national identity through art, focussing on Danish art before 1900. But since I’m currently in charge of the Royal Cast Collection the failure of cast collections to make it into the twentieth century regardless of their high status in the eighteenth and nineteenth century has kept me busy for some years. Not because cats collections needs to
be saved, but because it’s of general interest when areas of interest and concern disappear from history. More generally, questions of history and methodology are close to my heart, and I appreciate the opportunity to lecture at the university on theory of science and methodology in art history this fall. My recent publications include: Plaster Bodies as Performance, in SMK Art Journal 2010-2011, 2012;
Kunsten og kapitalens fødsel og død, (2011); Untimely History, Abildgaards Filoktet, in Revolution Embodied, Statens Museum for Kunst, 2009; Nature Strikes Back, Man and Nature in Western Art, (2009) (Wuth Hanne Kolind Poulsen); C. W. Eckersberg imellem det klassiske og det moderne episteme in: Passepartout (2008); Ph.D. dissertation: Analyser af dansk billedkunst fra Nicolai Abildgaard til Asger Jorn (2006). Representing Evil. A Comment on the Intellectual and Artistic Use of Pictures from the War on Terrorism in Witness, Representation, and the Media (2005).